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  1. No...we are in total dark, no neither unofficial infos...every chanel is closed. Some one talks about Rafale and F-16 b70 in finals...
  2. yesterday Minister of Defence confirmed the choise has been made and it will be announced in next few weeks (around 15th of march). In the same inteview he hes been talking about EU military R&D funds... https://slobodnadalmacija.hr/vijesti/hrvatska/banozic-najavio-odluku-o-nabavi-borbenih-zrakoplova-za-ozujak-u-isto-vrijeme-stize-i-sluzbeni-plan-nabave-naoruzanja-za-ovu-godinu-1079781
  3. it is unofficial so might be not truth. for training
  4. CRO OPS is internet circus guy... There is no real connection between him and airforce pilots and officers... croatie is extremly slow in decision and that is something no one can understand any more in croatia. But reason may be in unofficial information - Greece wants to take +12 rafales for croatia ang offer Mirage 2000 (or even F-16 b30). France is part of that potential deal and all three parties are in negotiation...unofficialy. about F-35 - Croatia was collecting infos on possible offers in 2018/19 including F-35 but it is not good for Croatia ,
  5. is FOMEDEC/MENTOR programe on PC21 live, and alphajet is out ? How was organised indian transition on Rafale and what time it took to get indian pilots on rafale. Indian pilots were also on MIG as croatia is. Did they went on PC21+simulator and then on Rafale two seat as transition ? how long transition takes time (heures vol on PC21+heures vol on rafale) ?
  6. what is supported availability percentage for Rafale export deals so far - 65% , 75% ? And what is the time of Follow on Support for export deals so far - 3,4,5 years ? P. S I understand it is value depending on Customer needs...but how is that for Greece, India...
  7. Croatian PrimeMinister Plenković yesterday has stated the "process in not in focus right now becouse of earthquake...we will wait...". President Milanovic stated "waiting must be not too long...it must be done in next few months...and ended up to end od 2021." President also stated the problematic economic criteria for implementing euro in Croatia, plus zagreb and Petrinja eartquake plus COVID (we also had a devastating floods near Split this year) ...economy is devastated in general. It is so depressing, such a bad year and years yet to come
  8. maxportal n'est pas une source sérieuse et n'a pas d'analystes militaires sérieux. Ils écrivent des bêtises. si vous souhaitez suivre la situation des Croates, obris.org est relativement fiable et sérieux...bien que peut-être le SAAB penche le plus. @Picdelamirand-oil,Je suis presque sûr que la Croatie n'exige pas ou ne veut pas payer AESA pour le moment...peut-être dans une future mise à niveau F4. à mon avis, la plus grande question est de savoir si la France est prête à allouer 12 pièces dans le délai dont la Croatie a besoin. J'ai peur que 2024 soit trop loin pour la Croatie ... sa
  9. Dassault n'a pas encore abandonné et la Croatie n'a pas abandonné Rafala. Des pourparlers de paiement supplémentaires sont nécessaires. SAAb est le plus rapide ici maintenant
  10. La Croatie a un problème imprévu, un double tremblement de terre dévastateur + covid. Par conséquent, il est officieusement demandé de différer le paiement jusqu'à la livraison des premières pièces. seul SAAB serait prêt pour un tel arrangement pour le moment.
  11. It is solved...: Kyriakos Mitsotakis can't beat this -)))))
  12. cependant, toute la Croatie sent comme un parfum français...:-)
  13. Année de livraison is the main problem to Croatie ! Armee de l'Air wont let to loose extra 12 operational Rafales before Parly ordre extra 12 neufs, as same as she did for Grece ,it looks so.