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  1. Ouais moi aussi je serais curieux de savoir ce que c'est comme agence l'agence CPI Jvoudrais bien le lien direct steuplais Paceque y'a des trucs un peu gros, peut etre plausible (sic...) mais gros Des pilotes US et soldats US au combat avec les Israéliens....ouaim ouaim Et pourquoi pas des Tchéchènes et des Ouigours avec le Hezbollah.......
  2. [08][08][08][08] très très bon [08][08][08][08]
  3. Ca veut dire qu'ils vont laisser tomber l'ACSW....c'est dommage d'après ce que j'avais compris celui ci (certe plus cher) etait plus adaptable (on pouvait passer du 25 mm au 12.7 mm ) donc d'un lance grenade a une mitrailleuse lourde et inversement
  4. A l'air impressionant...mais le look c'est encore celui d'un gros jouet.....
  5. voilà moi ce que j'ai trouvé : The International Strategic Studies Association The worldwide NGO for Senior Strategic Policy Professionals Registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit, tax-exempt educational foundation. PO Box 20407, Alexandria, Virginia 22320, United States of America. Telephone (703) 548-1070. Facsimile (703) 684-7476. E-mail: StratConf@aol.com Website: www.StrategicStudies.Org Press Statement: For Immediate Release NATO’s ‘Other’ Yugoslavia Losses and POWs Still Not Acknowledged Alexandria, Virginia: May 4, 1999 NATO forces, including the United States, have lost numerous aircraft and have already suffered significant loss-of-life among ground troops in the Yugoslavia conflict, according to a report published today by the journal which in 1994 predicted the Kosovo war. “Strategic Policy”, the monthly journal of the “Defense & Foreign Affairs” division of the worldwide International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), a non-governmental organization (NGO) for senior national security officials from some 165 countries, said that NATO forces may have lost, up until April 20, as many as 38 fixed-wing aircraft and six helicopters in the Kosovo conflict. As well, it said, as many as 50 NATO ground troops - officially not acknowledged even to be in the conflict - may have lost their lives. The journal, in December 1992, said that (then) President-elect Bill Clinton “will be tempted to take fast, populist decisions on the Balkans crisis, and these could be fatal for any chances for peace there.” In the February-March 1994 edition of “Strategic Policy”, staff writer T. W. (Bill) Carr wrote: “Other areas, perhaps with even greater potential for ethnic conflict [than northern Serbia], are Kosovo and the Sanjak region of Yugoslavia. Here the problem is an explosive mixture of religion and nationalism with roots reaching back in remote history and the Tito era. Adjacent to Kosovo is Muslim Albania from whence came 95 percent of the present day population of Kosovo.” ISSA in April this year put together the fact-finding mission which took US Congressman Jim Saxton (R-NJ) to Belgrade. The journal, which has been covering the Balkan wars and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in detail since the early 1990s, said in today’s report, written by ISSA President Gregory Copley, who is editor of the journal: “It is clear from the amount and quality of intelligence received by this journal from a variety of highly-reputable sources that NATO forces have already suffered significant losses of men, women and materiel. Neither NATO, nor the US, UK or other member governments, have admitted to these losses, other than the single USAF F-117A Stealth fighter which was shown, crashed and burning inside Serbia.” “The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff had denied, about a month into the bombing, that the US had suffered the additional losses reported to Defense & Foreign Affairs.” “By April 20, 1999, NATO losses stood at approximately the following: 38 fixed-wing combat aircraft; Six helicopters; Seven unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); ‘Many’ Cruise Missiles (lost to AAA or SAM fire).” “Several other NATO aircraft were reported down after that date, including at least one of which there was Serbian television coverage. The aircraft reportedly include three F-117A Stealth strike aircraft, including the one already known. One of the remaining two was shot down in an air-to-air engagement with a Yugoslav Air Force MiG-29 fighter; the other was lost to AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) or SAM (surface-to-air missile) fire. Given the recovery by the Yugoslavs of F-117A technology, and the fact that the type has proven less than invincible, the mystique of the aircraft - a valuable deterrent tool until now for the US - has been lost.” “At least one USAF F-15 Eagle fighter has been lost, with the pilot, reportedly an African-American major, alive and in custody as a POW.” “At least one German pilot (some sources say two men, implying perhaps a Luftwaffe crew from a Tornado) has been captured.” “There is also a report that at least one US female pilot has been killed.” “In one instance in the first week of the fighting, an aircraft was downed near Podgorica. A NATO helicopter then picked up the downed pilot, but the helicopter itself was then shot down, according to a number of reports.” “Losses of US and other NATO ground force personnel, inside Serbia, have also been extensive.” “A Yugoslav Army unit ambushed a squad climbing a ravine south of Pristina, killing 20 men. When the black tape was taken from their dog-tags it was found that 12 were US Green Berets; eight were British special forces (presumably Special Air Service/SAS). This incident apparently occurred within a week or so of the bombing campaign launch.” “It is known that other US and other NATO casualties have, on some occasions, been retrieved by NATO forces after being hit inside Yugoslavia. At least 30 bodies of US servicemen have been processed through Athens, after being transported from the combat zone.” “At least two of the helicopters downed by the Yugoslavs were carrying troops, and in these two a total of 50 men were believed to have been killed, most of them (but not all) of US origin.” “Certainly, the US has lost to ground fire and malfunction a number of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. At least some of these have been retrieved more or less intact, and the technology has been immediately reviewed by Yugoslav engineers. More than one told this writer that the technology was now readily able to be replicated in Yugoslavia.” The journal’s 17-page report also details the extent of the drug-money financing of the KLA and the impact of the Cox Committee report – detailing White House links to Chinese intelligence funding - on the Clinton Administration’s decision to continue the war against Yugoslavia. As well, the report outlined the dangers to the West of a protracted conflict in Yugoslavia, not only from the war there, but also because of the chance that it would trigger other conflicts, including a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and a North Korean invasion of South Korea. The report said that the drawdown on US standoff weapons and other military assets heightened the risk of opportunistic attacks being undertaken by countries which felt that the US could no longer deter their action. The report also said that the loss of US and NATO prestige as a result of the Yugoslav adventure would also make future global stability more difficult to sustain. Ends For further information, and complete text of the article, please visit the website of the Association at: www.StrategicStudies.org, or call the Washington DC area office of ISSA at 703-548-1070.
  6. J'etais pas sur pour leur aviation mais c'est vrai aussi pour leur armée de terre...... A part leur garde nationale, y a pas vraiment de Saoudiens dans cette armée
  7. pas sur qu'ils soient au top loin de la.... cette armée me fait l'effet d'une bande de gamin avec pleins de jouets high tech qu'ils ne savent pas utiliser à plein...C'est surtout de la poudre aux yeux pour les voisins Nan je trouve cette armée une armée d'amateurs et en cas de conflagration régionale ils seront bien content d'avoir les US pour les epauler
  8. ca me reviens maintenannt....les modalités d'engagement étaient celle d'une force de réaction rapide en déploiement précoce (cad sans le support habituel) contre un adversaire ayant deja des infrastructures sur le terrain..........d'ou le 4 vs 12 bon en tout cas ca prouve que ce pointer trop vite et trop mal au mauvais endroit fait que n'importe qui y compris les USA (qui voulaient ce scénario pour évaluer leurs capacités d'action dans ce contexte mais que je soupconne aussi de supérioralisme patent envers tout ce qui est extraUS voir extraOTAN en ce diasnt que même à 4 vs 12 contre des Indiens c'est du tout cuit) peut prendre une pile. D'ailleurs je crois que pensant que les premiers resultats etaient un coup de bol monstre des Indiens ils ont remis ca....et repile.... Je crois aussi que ca les a maté un peu sur le coté "ou qu'on arrive on dézingue tout" bas en tout cas c'est en faisant des erreurs qu'on apprend et vaut mieux en exercice qu'en situation réelle
  9. yes of course.......mais c'etait pour voir si tu suivais....et oui allez toi aussi t'es trop fort ....( t'as droit a ton smiley [16])
  10. parais t il que c'est de bonne guerre pour recuperer l'argent de notre pétrole (j'ai dis notre ????!!! )
  11. moi sur le lien (de la version AK raccourcie que j'ai hein je sais pas pour les AK classiques) y' a Cartridge: 7.62x39 Stamped Receivers, Made from Ohio Ordanance Receivers and Imported parts kits donc j en deduis qu'il est fabriqué en Ohio....j suis trop fort [16]
  12. bah avec 160 milliards de pétrodollars de gain cette année pourquoi se priver d'un beau joujou
  13. oui et fabriqué aux US mais doivent peut etre importer une partie des pièces suis pas sur
  14. ouais c'etait un vieux (qques mois deja) et ben visiblement ca c'est pas amélioré
  15. le liban c' est le hezbollah , c ' est la seul armée libanaise digne de ce nom qui protége le liban , il y' a des ministres , des députés du hezbollah au liban , le gouvernement libanais et le hezbollah font un , l' armée libanaise est le hezbollah font un , tu crois que le hezbollah va etre desarmer???? l' armée libanaise est deja infiltré par le hezbollah , un gradé de cette armée récemment a dit lors d ' un discours a ses hommes qu' ils fallait etre fiere de la resistance du hezbollah qui a vaincu l' armée israelienne , les combattants du hezbollah sont toujours dans le sud le hezbollah ce n' est pas qu' une armée c' est un parti politique ,le gouvernement libanais c'est qui d' apres toi? c' est nasrallah car qui a expulser l' armée israelienne en 82? le hezbollah donc la légitimité est totale , et ton souhait d' anéantir le hezbollah est utopique , ce parti politique a la base a atteint une cote de popularité en particulier dans le monde musulmans assez hallucinante , comment peut tu dire que ce parti n' a aucune légitimité alors qu' il posséde des ministres et des députés au sein du gouvernement libanais ? l' armée du liban c' est le hezbollah c 'est pas les quelques soldats de l' armée dites libanaise qui va proteger les interet du liban franchement on nage en plein délire la .... légitimité : ouais ils ont fais 11 % aux dernières elections ils ont 2 ou 3 députés/ministres max ils sont pas majoritaires aux liban avant de balancer des trucs pareils remonte les posts avant, on a suffisement deja discuté de ca auparavant et trouver suffisemment d'infos pour que je puisse pas laisser passer une désinfo pareil.....ah mais !!!!
  16. c'est fait....faut appeler la police légale pour signaler les derniers outrages Mssieur !!!![09]
  17. tiens, Mani un ptit cadeau pour toi, ca date un peu mais ca prouve que tes compatriotes Spec Ops ont le niveau : Indian special forces world’s toughest --UNI The Deccan Herald http://www.meadev.nic.in/news/clippings/20020622/dh.htm ''Hard work pays,'' quipped Captain Krishnadas after his team secured the first position at the 'Exercise Airborne Africa - 2002' at Botswana, beating 28 teams from 12 countries. In the simulated real-war situation at Botswana, the Indian team emerged 'overall winners' at the June 8-11 'Endurance, Navigation and Evacuation' event in which participants from Botswana, France, Malawi, Malaysia, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, UK, USA and Zimbabwe took part. The Indian team also won most of the 'individual medals'. Four others — Ghana, Lisotho, Namibia and Zambia — participated as 'Observers'. While the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) came second and the South African Defence Forces (SANDF) third in the overall ranking, the second India team lead by Major Ranade came 15th in the event. The three-day annual event hosted by Botswana, and initiated by the South African Defence Forces (SANDF) in 2001, had India participating for the first time after General L M Fisher, Commander, Botswana Defence Force (BDF) invited it during his February visit to this country. Led by Major Animish Ranade and Captain T R Krishnadas, the two Indian teams consisted of four officers and eight other ranks drawn from the Indian Parachute Regiment (Special Forces). The 'competition' comprised of a 35-km 'Endurance March', a 10-km Navigation Exercise, a 10-km Speed March, Casualty Evacuation of 10 kilometres and Combat Shooting of Rifle/Pistol, along with Observation and Surveillance and two Parachute Jumps, based on a point system that was matched with time taken by a team. Attributing his team's success to ''real life experience got through fighting insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir and the North-East'', Captain Krishnadas said this helped them more than the 'practice' others teams went through before participating in the 'challenge'. On what the team learnt from the 'participation', Major Ranade said: ''It was an eye-opener for us. The 'Westerners' whom we perceived as 'real toughies', in spite of being physically and equipment-wise pretty superior, proved 'lacking in mettle' when it came to 'mental challenge' in real-life conditions.'' “Our spirit of sacrifice, mental toughness and experience paid off,'' he added. The event organised to test the 'physical fitness, mental robustness and the will to endure under adverse conditions' was mainly to foster goodwill and improve relations between the airborne units of the participating nations. Headlines bon la fin sent un peu l'effet "je me jette des fleurs" mais après tout quelle armée ne le fais pas.....[08]
  18. la on est effectivement d'accord reste a voir si le Hezbollah est lui content de voir revenir cette armée ?! [09] ah oui effectivement le headshot aussi c'est un bon antimigraineux mais j'avais dis des solutions plus DOUCES !!!! [28][28]
  19. ouiais un peu limite comme argument C'est comme si tu me disais que tu avais mal au crane et que pour faire passer ta migraine je te mettais un gros coup de marteau dessus................. ben désolé y'a des solutions plus douces
  20. bah prend un avion pour n'importe ou dans les balkans et t'en auras en pagaille à 300 euros (on m'a d'ailleurs proposé un vz61 Skorpion pour 100 euros.......ca laisse réveur tout ca....)
  21. oui l'AKSU est une version raccourcie de l'AK74 Pour celui dont je parle voila le lien http://www.ak-47.us/gear/Gear_Review_Detail.php?g=gear1141107764
  22. pardon je me suis mal exprimé (c vrai que mon post laisse a interprétation) Le AKSU est une version raccourci de l'AK47 ok mais avec des performances (notamment au niveau de la puissance d'arret) je crois moindres Mais il le semble que la police de LA n'utilise pas le AKSU mais bien une version "tronquée" (pour pas utiliser le terme raccourci) de l'AK47 (tronquée notamment au niveau de son circuit d'empreint de gaz si je me rappelle bien) avec un bouche de sortie comparable a celle de l'AK47 et non pas une bouche de sortie avec un déflecteur rond comme celui de l'AKSU voili sorry pour le misunderstanding [10]
  23. Pas vraiment, en fait il me semble que c'est une version raccourcie de notre vénérable AK47........
  24. Ben ouais c'est ce que je me disais aussi....et pis si t'agrandis tu vois le sigle de l'armée nationaliste chinoise (Taiwan donc) sur la caisse...... Bah ca doit etre un bricolage quelconque.....
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