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Mu 90, la torpille légère.

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The MU90 lightweight torpedo acclaimed by the Royal Australian Navy

Ultimate step in a broad and long evaluation process
This live test marks the end of an intensive evaluation campaign that took place over several years. Many firing tests were carried out to check the torpedo in various complex situations: in tropical waters, very shallow waters (<40m), long distance (stand off distance) and against typical submarines counter measure systems.

With a success rate of over 90% during the test campaign, the MU90 has demonstrated its ability to fulfill its missions whatever the environment and scenario. This success has validated its acceptance into operational service with the RAN.

The MU90 EUROTORP in "pole position"
These results open the way to new opportunities for the MU90 torpedo which could also also be fitted onboard RAN maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters. According the the RAN: "The MU90 torpedo significantly improves the anti-submarine warfare performance of all surface warships in the fleet. This weapon provides the RAN with a stand off submarine engagement capability, unparalleled among all other lightweight torpedoes."

Two more navies just acquired the MU90 in 2013, which brings the number of MU90 users to eight navies worldwide.

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