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appel d'offre pour l'irak - F16IQB52 vs MF2000

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Pourquoi négocier ? Les chasseurs acheter seront de toute manière Américains et ils ne veulent pas rester plus longtemps.

Ben relis le titre du topic.. ;)

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barroud d'honneur ?

Iraq, France and talks on Mirage 2000-9 and Rafale (20 credits)

Posted on: Thu, Jul 14, 2011

The central government in Baghdad is said to have intention to reopen a direct line with Paris to buy Mirage 2000-9 fighter jets and discuss with it the possibility of buying the Rafale aircraft. The following 353-word report sheds more light on the subject and tells what the Iraqis say about the French reaction. It also tells what about the reaction of the US embassy in Baghdad and what about the Iraqi Kurdish reaction.

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Sinon, quid des F-1EQ que la France "doit" encore à l'Irak (une douzaine si je ne me trompe pas)? Ils pourraient bien "réclamer leur dû" après une vingtaine d'années ;)

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ca semble réglé définitivement.

BAGHDAD (AP)— Iraq’s prime minister said Saturday he was reviving a stalled deal to buy multi-million-dollar fighter jets from the United States and affirmed the need for American trainers to help Iraqi forces operate and maintain the 36 F-16s.

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C'était clair  =)

BAGHDAD - Iraq will ask for future defense contracts to include provision for trainers, bypassing MPs to allow some U.S. soldiers to stay past a year-end pullout deadline, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said.

Maliki also told reporters on July 30 that he had revived talks to purchase 36 U.S. F-16 fighter jets, rather than the originally mooted 18, in a multi-billion-dollar deal that has been on the cards for several months.

"Training missions do not need the approval of parliament," the premier told a news conference. "The government will include in agreements to purchase weapons that there should be trainers to train Iraqi forces to use these weapons."

Maliki said he submitted a report to parliament which concluded Iraq's security forces still required training on purchased weapons. He did not give details on the report.

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said this month that plans for a contingent of U.S. military trainers were gaining traction among Iraqi leaders, but no agreement has yet been reached on the future of the American presence here.

Iraqi leaders have already missed a self-imposed July 23 deadline to reach agreement and, in the past, political deals have rarely been reached during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which is set to start Aug. 1.

Politicians have previously noted the difficulty of reaching an agreement in parliament on a prolonged American troop presence, as many Iraqis still view U.S. forces as occupiers.

Maliki said he had signed documents restarting talks to purchase F-16s from the United States, a deal that had been close to agreement earlier this year but was put off due to widespread protests railing against poor basic services.

The original deal had involved the acquisition of 18 jets, but Maliki said the new contract would lead to the purchase of 36 F-16s.

"The new contract will be larger than what we agreed earlier, to provide security for Iraq," he said.

Any potential deal would be worth billions of dollars and take years to implement, as it would require the manufacture of the planes and the training of Iraqi pilots.

U.S. commanders say that while Iraq's forces are able to maintain internal security in the country, improvement is required in protecting Baghdad's airspace, territorial waters and borders.

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C'était clair, tant pis pour le pays. Il se dit que les pilotes là-bas avaient une culture des avions français (et russe), et que le choix d'encore plus de matériel américain n'était pas le plus judicieux politiquement parlant.

La France devrait vraiment songer à bombarder, anéantir, gouverner des pays étrangers pour vendre quelques avions...

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