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Rheinmetall vient de faire ses Recontres défenses 2012 à Dresde. Quelques infos:

Rheinmetall's Turret-Future

Rheinmetall at Rheinmetall's Defence Talks 2012 in Dresden Germany sees the need of the future in medium calibre turrets, e.g. the new turret of the PUMA IFV, and other new turret systems. according to Ralf Prechtl, Rheinmetall Defence Combat Platforms, the company is in discussions with customers and industry on various continents.

"The advantage, that we see, is that we can offer modular design along with our Air Burst Munition capability," Prechtl said.

According to Prechtl, e.g. MTS LANCE, is a system for the future. It is a medium-calibre turret whose modular design means that it can be integrated into practically any wheeled or tracked vehicle. The turret’s modular design enables easy installation of all existing and planned automatic cannon in the 25mm to 40mm range. Additional integration of secondary weapons and a guided missile launch platform for engaging armoured targets at long ranges is equally possible.

On future systems, endeavors and contracts, Prechtl explained: "you will hear more of us in the future. If you have manned turrets, you have to think protection, where we have put a lot of iR&D into. We are also thinking about concepts, light turrets and unmanned turrets, so a lot is going on."

Rheinmetall’s Ordnance-Based SKYSHIELD MOOTW/C-RAM - MANTIS

To protect forward-deployed forces and assets, Rheinmetall’s ordnance-based SKYSHIELD  MOOTW/C-RAM (MANTIS in Luftwaffe terminology) has been handed over to the Luftwaffe in June 2012, straight after achieving IOC.

The system, according to Fabian Ochnser, Rheinmetall Air Defence Zürich, will not be deployed into Afghan theatre, due to ISAF moving out in 2014; “MANTIS will be deployed as the Luftwaffe’s only Vital Point protection system.”

The procurement of the MANTIS system provides forward-deployed Bundeswehr assets a reliable C-RAM capability. The system is operated with two bursts of 36, e.g. AHEAD rounds (252 in one magazine), carrying a lethal payload of 152 tungsten projectiles weighing 3.3g each.

The USA and Britain have already taken similar measures, deploying and using modified Mk15 PHALANX CENTURION land-based systems equipped with special self-destructing ammunition.

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