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DSEI 2021: CTAI 40mm deliveries ramp up

40mm Case Telescoped Armament System finds uses on land and at sea.

CTAI (a JV between Nexter Systems of France and BAE Systems of the UK) has now delivered more than 600 units of its of their 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS).

So far, firm orders have been placed by the UK for 515 of the 40mm weapons which is the complete requirement for installation in the General Dynamics Land Systems UK Ajax reconnaissance vehicle and Lockheed Martin UK Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme, although the former has yet to enter service and the latter has now been cancelled.

CTAS examples for the UK were delivered to the British Army depot at Donnington and then supplied as government-furnished equipment.

France placed an initial contract for 110 40mm weapons to be installed on its Jaguar 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles. These vehicles are in production for the French Army, which requires a total of 286 Jaguar 6x6s.

The Belgian Army will take delivery of 60 Jaguars.

Nexter is also marketing its T40 turret armed with 40mm CTAS in both manned and remote configurations. T40 has been demonstrated on a VBCI 8x8 platform for the export market.

Thales is working with Nexter Systems to develop the RapidFire Naval multirole weapon system to meet the requirements of the French Navy for a new generation of offshore patrol vessels and fleet replenishment ships.

RapidFireNaval comprises a remote-controlled turret armed with the stabilised 40mm CTAS, with the first example to be completed early in 2022. 

The remote-controlled turret has 140 rounds of ready-use 40mm ammunition, with another 100 rounds of 40mm ammunition in the storage compartment of the turret structure.

Already officially qualified are the 40mm armour piercing fin stabilised discarding sabot – tracer (APFSDS-T), general purpose round – point detonating – tracer (GPR-PD-T),  general purpose round – airburst – tracer (GPR-AB-T) and target practice – tracer (TP-T) rounds.

The latest target practice reduced range – tracer (TPRR-T) round has also been developed and is internally qualified.

CTAI is also currently designing a new round,  originally called the Anti-Aerial Airburst but now named the Kinetic Energy Air Burst (KE-AB).

It will be developed and qualified within the scope of the RapidFire Naval contract and will add capacity to the system for each ship, according to CTAI.

KE-AB has a high muzzle velocity and a payload of 660g tungsten pellets to attack UAVs, helicopters and low-speed aircraft.  

RapidFire Naval leverages experience from the development of the Thales/Nexter Systems RapidFire Land, which has already been tested in France and overseas.

RapidFire Land comprises a Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG U-5000 6x6 cross-country truck chassis or similar platform.

Source https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/dsei-2021-ctai-40mm-deliveries-ramp/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=auto_post&utm_campaign=news_promo


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Le dernier des 515 canons destiné à l'armée britannique a été livré avec 7 mois d'avance le 25 novembre 2021... Mais stocké car le projet de modernisation des 275 Warriors est abandonné, et que pour les 245 Ajax devant en être équipés, cela est suspendu à une enquête :


Finalement, je pense que pour les 60 ERBC belges prévus à partir de 2025, on rachètera une part de ces canons.

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Il y a 3 heures, collectionneur a dit :

Finalement, je pense que pour les 60 ERBC belges prévus à partir de 2025, on rachète une part de ces canons.

Ca pourrait même servir pour faire des VBCI T40, ou pour le successeur du VBCI. Voire pour les drones de MGCS.

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12 hours ago, collectionneur said:


Finalement, je pense que pour les 60 ERBC belges prévus à partir de 2025, on rachètera une part de ces canons.

Pour avoir un bon prix il n'y a pas de raison de se précipiter et puis c'est sans doute plus interressant de produire du neuf et de laisser les Brits pleurer sur leur stock de canon et leur incapacité a produire/rénover un blindé.

S'ils nous achètent des CAESAR ............     mais ils préfèrerons des Boxer avec le 1545mm alors je dis Arrivederchi:happy:

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