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MADEX 2019

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MADEX 2019 Day 1 - DSME, KSS III, LIG Nex1 USV, Poongsan

Day 1 at MADEX 2019, the maritime defense exhibition held in Busan, South Korea. In this video we focus on the South Korean naval defense industry:


1:05 - DSME new 2000 tons submarine design
2:38 - DSME new light frigate
4:09 - DSME KDDX
5:06 - DSME KSS III Batch 2
5:44 - Hanwha Defense Li-Ion batteries for KSS III Batch 2
7:27 - LIG Nex1 C Sword II combat USV
11:08 Poongsan GGRM-5



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MADEX 2019 Day 2 - HHI, HCX-19, LPX-II, KDDX, Lacroix, Hanwha

Day 2 at MADEX 2019, the maritime defense exhibition held in Busan, South Korea. In this video we focus on:


0:48 - Hyundai Heavy Industries new HCX-19 concept ship
3:00 - LPX-II aircraft carrier design for ROK Navy
4:01 - Hyundai Heavy Industries new KDDX design
5:11 - Lacroix Defense Sylenna MK2
8:18 - Hanwha Systems I-MAST for KDDX
9:38 - Hanwha Systems large displacement UUV ASWUUV
10:23 - Hanwha Systems upgrade program for Philippines Navy frigate



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Some more of our coverage at MADEX... I have to say I am REALLY impressed by the progress and advance the local industry is getting... some of the "established" shipyards, especially in Europe, should start to worry and invest way more in R&D

MADEX 2019 Day 3 - Naval Defense Technologies by LIG Nex1

Day 3 at MADEX 2019, the maritime defense exhibition held in Busan, South Korea. In this video we focus on LIG Nex1 who is showcasing current and future technologies for modern navies:


1:03 - 75mm Poniard and 130 mm Biryong guided rockets system to counter swarming surface targets
1:47 - SSM-700K C-Star Anti-Ship Missile
2:15 - Red Shark Hong Sang Eo ASROC anti-submarine rocket
2:39 - Red Dragon TSLM tactical ship to land missile
2:55 - K-SAAM Sea Bow surface to air missile
3:20 - Blue Shark lightweight torpedo
3:46 - Tiger Shark heavyweight torpedo
4:10 - Torpedo decoys
4:58 - PIP Performance Improvement Program for Type 209 KSS I submarine of ROK Navy
5:54 - LIG Nex1 Future Combat Management System (CMS) and CIC for KDDX destroyer
7:14 - LIG Nex1 I-MAST proposal for KDDX destroyer of ROK Navy



MADEX 2019: LIG Nex1 Proposes Futuristic CIC with Holograms for ROK Navy KDDX Destroyer

EXCLUSIVE: At MADEX 2019, the naval defense show held in South Korea, local defense company LIG Nex1 unveiled its CIC and CMS proposal for the future KDDX destroyer of the ROK Navy.


MADEX 2019: DSME On Track with KSS III Batch 2 Submarine Program for ROK Navy

At MADEX 2019, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) is showcasing a scale model of the KSS III large conventional submarine of the ROK Navy. The company gave us an update on the program, specifically the Batch II variant.


MADEX 2019: New 2,000 tons attack submarine joins DSME portfolio

At MADEX 2019 naval exhibition in Busan (South Korea), local shipyard DSME launched a new attack submarine design dedicated to the export market based on technologies developed for the ROK Navy KSS III submarine.


MADEX 2019: DSME Continues Work on KDDX Design

The scale model on display at MADEX 2019 is not new. It was unveiled many years ago and is well known. What’s new however are the various hull forms that DSME has been studying in the past years in order to optimize its KDDX design.


MADEX 2019: DSME lifts veil on new DW2000L Light Frigate design

DSME’s new multipurpose light frigate project features a unique flexible modularity design which allows the customer to easily build a tailor-made solution. « In the rapidly changing naval environment, it is only when you can cope with every tasks that you can win, » explains DSME. The Korean shipmaker is proposing four optimized models to meet the customer specifications in term of speed, range, length, crew and mission:


MADEX 2019: Sea Sword II combat USV unveiled by LIG Nex1

At MADEX 2019 naval exhibition in Busan, South Korea, LIG Nex1 is showcasing for the first time a longer and more capable version of the Sea Sword combat Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).


MADEX 2019: KAI’ Surion gets claws with Marine Attack variant

The weapons package includes a 20 mm Gatling gun with 1,400 rounds, 2.75 inch rocket pods, two quad-launchers for antitank guided missile and two dual-launchers for the MBDA’s Mistral ATAM air-to-air missile. South Korea has been using the ground-based Mistral variant for a while.


MADEX 2019: KAI pitching new Surion Mine Countermeasures Helicopter variant to ROK Navy

At MADEX 2019 in Busan (South Korea), a new Mine Countermeasures Helicopter (MCH) variant is being pitched by Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) to answer the ROK Navy requirement for a new airborne countermeasures capability - Naval News.


MADEX 2019: HHI Unveils HCX-19 Concept Ship

HCX-19 stands for Hyundai Combatant eXperimental 2019. It was created to show HHI’s vision of what surface combatants will look like in the 2030ies and its design relies on two concepts.


MADEX 2019: HHI Unveils KDDX Design Concept for ROK Navy Future DDG Requirement

HHI’s KDDX is 156 meters in length with a beam of 19 meters and a displacement of 6,500 tons. As far as weapon systems are concerned, HHI told us the design is fitted with 8x anti-ship missiles, 48x K-VLS forward and 16x K-VLS II aft. K-VLS II by Hanwha will be able to deploy new generation of missiles such as a new land attack cruise missile in development. On top of the helicopter hangar is a next generation CIWS currently in development with South Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and which will be called “K-CIWS”.


MADEX 2019: Hanwha Defense Unveils ASWUUV for Anti-Submarine Missions

ASWUUV stand for anti-submarine warfare unmanned underwater vehicle. According to Hanwha Systems, it is a large displacement UUV dedicated to anti-submarine warfare missions. It is fitted with a fuel cell system as energy source, providing it with long range and endurance.

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