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  1. Nothing special, two Turkish F-16s were harassing the Greek NH-90 military helicopter, which was carrying the Minister of National Defence 2 greek mirage hunt the 2 turkish f16 Conversations between two greek pilots is: Pilot1: i got him Pilot2: i got the second Pilot1: he release flares Pilot2: the second release flares too ...... i recorded it on the tape Pilot1:nice I think radio frequency
  2. @FATac @penaratahiti after turkish f16 give up, the mirage pilot was still targeting him
  5. IF US transfer 2(some say 4) arleigh burke to greece is because of defense cooperation agreement IF greece take 2 arleigh burke, greece can use FMS to pay IF greece take 2 arleigh burke, greece can still buy the 2 FDI IF greece take 2 arleigh burke, will be 2 ships from Flight I/ΙΙ IF....
  6. that's a really good question because greek navy want aaw frigate
  7. 2 arleigh burke for greece? (reliable source) French
  8. I know, i am just saying what greek navy wants Colombian navy also use strales Greek navy wants 2 ciws one front and one back, but because there is no space in front for a second ciws, they choose strales
  9. they dont want aster 15, greek navy want camm(or essm) because camm can be quad-packed in one cell so 1x sylver 32 camm 2x sylver 16 aster 30 1x sylver 8 MdCN Or 32 camm and 24 aster 30