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Classement OTAN des BPC français


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LHA - Amphibious assault ship, general

A large general purpose ship which embarks and lands elements of an assault force in both organic helicopters and organic landing craft. Capable of carrying about 1800 assault troops. Must have internal stowage and ramp, and flooded well capability for vehicles or craft.

LPH - Amphibious assault ship, helicopter

A large helicopter carrier with the mission of transporting and landing about 1800 assault troops with its organic aircraft. Employment of organic landing craft is not a principle function.

LHD - Amphibious assault ship, multi-purpose

A large multi-purpose amphibious ship that embarks and lands elements of a landing force by helicopter, landing craft and amphibious vehicles. Can also conduct sea control and power projection missions with VSTOL aircraft and ASW helicopters.

LPD - Amphibious transport, dock

Ship that carries about 1000 troops. Capable of carrying up to 9 LCM (Landing craft, mechanized). Primarily a troop ship and armoured car carrier, with considerable internal berthing space. Must have permanent helicopter platform.

LSD - Landing ship, dock

Primarily a tank and vehicle carrier but capable of transporting 150-400 assault troops and launch them embarked in organic landing craft without off-loading in the landing area. Need not have a helicopter platform.

1- Tu te poses des questions bien inutiles

2- C'est tellement compliqué que même l'OTAN (surtout l'OTAN) ne doit pas s'y retrouver

3- Vu que les BPC ont des capacités de commandemment, ce sont des LHD


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