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  1. xav

    Marine Hollandaise

    Admiral Tas on the present and future of the Royal Netherlands Navy Interview with Vice Admiral René Tas, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine), during Indo Pacific 2023 in Sydney, Australia. Admiral Tas introduces the Royal Netherlands Navy, comments the current threats and challenges that his navy is facing today. He then goes over the modernization and renewal of the dutch fleet. Lastly he announces an upcoming frigate deployment to the Indo Pacific region.
  2. Eurotorp (Naval Group, Leonardo, Thales) travaille sur un mode "hard kill" de la MU90. Maturité d'ici 5 ans:
  3. Ah! tu as été plus rapide que moi @FLOMED :) Quelqu'un sait ce que sont les "demi spheres" que l'on voit sous la passerelle (une par face) ? Systeme de guerre elec ou bien s'agit il de l'iFF ? D'habitude l'IFF est placé en hauteur, souvent sur la mature. Là cela ressemble furieusement à des brouilleurs.
  4. Naval Group a livré la Gowind "Bani Yas", premiere de deux corvettes pour la marine des EAU
  5. HNLMS Vlissingen (M840) - The Netherlands' new MCM Mothership launched by Naval Group Naval Group ceremonially launched the first mine countermeasure mothership for the Royal Netherlands Navy. HNLMS Vlissingen is the second of twelve mine countermeasure vessels in the Belgian-Dutch rMCM program.
  6. Australian Navy Force Structure Decisions Delayed Again https://www.navalnews.com/event-news/indo-pacific-2023/2023/10/australian-navy-force-structure-decisions-delayed-again/
  7. French shipbuilder NAVAL GROUP today conducted the "technical launch" of the first Kimon-class (FDI HN) for the Hellenic Navy. The launching ceremony with Greek and French officials will take place on October 4 2023 https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2023/09/greeces-first-fdi-hn-frigate-technically-launched-by-naval-group/
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