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  1. SNA 2020 Day 3 - BAE Systems, Fincantieri, L3Harris, NASSCO & GE featuring Chris Cavas Day 3 at SNA 2020, the Surface Navy Association's national symposium. Washington-based naval expert Chris Cavas is our guest host for this third and final day at the 2020 Surface Navy Association's National Symposium. ===================== In this video, Cavas covers the follow topics: 00:59 - BAE Systems double docking of Arleigh Burke-class destroyers 01:54 - BAE Systems precision guided munition for 5 Inch gun: Hyper Velocity Projectile & Vulcano 02:31 - Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard expansion plan for FFG(X) frigate 06:08 - L3Harris FVR-90 future vertical lift VTOL UAV 08:26 - General Dynamics NASSCO John Lewis-class TAO 205 09:23 - Titanium 3D printing
  2. SNA 2020 Day 2 - Fincantieri FFG(X), JMSDF Collaborative Table, Raytheon SM-3 Block IIA 00:57 - Fincantieri Marine Group FFG(X) Frigate based on Italian Navy FREMM 04:34 - Fujitsu collaborative table for JMSDF AEGIS destroyers & Japan AEGIS Ashore 05:53 - Raytheon SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile interceptor
  3. SNA 2020 Day 1 - Austal HSSV, LCS update, SEWIP Block 3, SPY-6 radar 01:09 - Austal HSSV high speed support vessel 03:55 - Update on the Littoral Combat Ship program with NAVSEA 05:40 - NSM firing from USS Gabriele Giffords 06:58 - Northrop Grumman SEWIP Block 3 EW system 09:47 - Raytheon SPY-6 family of radars
  4. Episode 11 is out 00:15 - Royal Canadian Navy’s first Harry DeWolf-class AOPS Completes Builder’s Sea Trials 01:02 - Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) Christened at Newport News Shipbuilding 01:47 - Dutch MoD Issues B-Letter for Walrus SSK Replacement: Naval Group, Saab & TKMS Shortlisted 02:40 - Video: Mexican Navy POLA-class ARM ‘Reformador’ Completes Acceptance Trials 03:35 - China’s 2nd Aircraft Carrier Type 002 ‘Shandong’ Commissioned with PLAN 04:32 - Japan takes first steps towards refurbishment of JMSDF destroyer Izumo 05:35 - Happy New Year
  5. On December 18th 2019, the Philippine Coast-Guard took possession of their latest and most advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) from OCEA Shipyards at the occasion of a change of flag ceremony in Saint-Nazaire, France. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZMnt75Kldg
  6. Mexican Navy POLA-class ARM ‘Reformador’ Completes Acceptance Trials https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2019/12/video-mexican-navy-pola-class-arm-reformador-completes-acceptance-trials/
  7. Finnish Navy Lifts Veil on its Future Anti-Ship Missile: The Gabriel V https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2019/12/finnish-navy-lifts-veil-on-its-future-anti-ship-missile-the-gabriel-v/
  8. Merci à la MN / à la FAN et au commandant du Forbin de m'avoir permis de couvrir ce sujet plutôt exclusif... interview dans le CO qui plus est
  9. xav

    Marine Hollandaise

    Dutch MoD Issues B-Letter for Walrus SSK Replacement: Naval Group, Saab & TKMS Shortlisted https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2019/12/dutch-mod-issues-b-letter-for-walrus-ssk-replacement-naval-group-saab-tkms-shortlisted/
  10. Episode of our video coverage at Hyeres naval air base. This one on the Panther. The 3rd and final video will be on the NH90 Caiman.
  11. xav

    Le(s) PA de la Royale

    Teaser video on PEAN19, a major French Navy training exercise which goal is to maintain the qualifications of the carrier strike group. Naval News was aboard aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and will soon publish several video interviews.
  12. xav

    Marine Hollandaise

    @mehari tout ces programmes prennent du retard (les politiques trainent pour prendre les décision de lancement des programmes)
  13. xav

    Marine Hollandaise

    Il y avait un salon défense à Rotterdam cette semaine... On a essayé de couvrir tout le monde (pour ce programme de sous marins) mais "essayé" uniquement car les allemands ont dit "nein" NEDS 2019: Walrus-class replacement program with Navantia, Naval Group, Saab, TKMS Hier matin j'ai visité les installation (impressionantes) du partenaire de Naval Group: IHC La vidéo sortira la semaine prochaine