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  1. xav

    Marine Britannique

    Royal Navy Plans Carrier Trial For Mojave STOL UAS https://www.navalnews.com/event-news/cne-2023/2023/05/royal-navy-plans-carrier-trial-for-mojave-stol-uas/ et surtout, ils auront finalement des catapultes... UK Explores Cats And Traps Retrofit To QEC Aircraft Carriers https://www.navalnews.com/event-news/cne-2023/2023/06/uk-project-ark-royal-catapult-aircraft-carriers/
  2. UK Plans New Commando Insertion Craft (CIC) https://www.navalnews.com/event-news/cne-2023/2023/05/uk-plans-new-commando-insertion-craft-cic/
  3. xav

    Marina militare

    Rare accès à bord d'un PPA, avec son "naval cockpit" et CIC avant garde
  4. My "tour" aboard JS Kumano FFM-2. We were quite limited in the areas we could film, so it is mostly the interview of the Commanding Officer + some file footage. Still a rare access though JS Kumano (FFM-2)「くまの」 Mogami-class Frigate of the JMSDF
  5. Aperçu des (nombreux) systèmes à bord des Sa'ar 6... corvettes armées jusqu'aux dents
  6. Video sur la JS Kumano à suivre...
  7. ^ C'était la porposition de Northrop Grumman pour la competition HALO... et ils ont perdu (mais la grosse maquette était déjà en route pour le salon quand l'annonce de la séléction de LM et Raytheon pour la suite du programme est tombée... donc ils ont quand meme exposé la maquette) [VIDEO] U.S. Navy's Strike Weapons: LRASM, HALO, Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles Interview with Rear Admiral Steve Tedford, the U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO U&W) during the Navy League's Sea Air Space 2023 maritime exposition. We focused on future and current strike weapons. RDML Tedford, PEO U&W, discussed the following topics: 00:40 - Introduction of PEO U&W 01:22 - LRASM Long Range Anti-Ship Missile program update 02:57 - HALO Hypersonic Air Launched Offensive Anti-Surface program 04:30 - Tomahawk cruise missile program 05:20 - Tomahawk for US allies (UK Royal Navy, Australia, Japan... and the Netherlands) 06:14 - Harpoon anti-ship missile program
  8. 3eme et dernière vidéo de notre couverture du salon DSEI Japan (avec au passage de belles perspectives pour Safran dans le domaine naval japonais...) DSEI Japan 2023: SPY-7, ASEV, Landing craft for JGDSF, Patria, Safran, US-2 Seaplane Day three at DSEI Japan 2023, the defense exhibition held near Tokyo. In this video, Naval News' Editor in Chief Xavier Vavasseur takes you around the show floor and points out to some of the interesting systems and models on display. ===================== 00:45 - Lockheed Martin booth: F-110 and CSC frigates fitted with AEGIS and SPY-7 radar 01:02 - SPY-7 radar sub assembly suite and array 01:21 - Comment on ASEV - AEGIS System Equipped Vessel 01:46 - BMT Group booth: CAIMEN Landing Craft for JGSDF amphibious brigade 03:59 - Patria booth: SONAC ACS accoustic sweep 04:26 - Safran booth: NGDS decoy launching system 05:32 - Safran booth: Black Onyx inertial navigation system (INS) to be tested aboard Taigei submarine of JMSDF 06:05 - Safran booth: Optronic masts for submarines and discussions with Nikon 06:58 - Safran booth: EO/IR systems for surface ships: PASEO XLR, Vampir NG and VIGY 4 07:42 - Shinmaya booth: US-2 seaplane + comment about USSCOM / AFSOC requirement in the US 08:31 - Kawasaki Heavy Industries booth: EMALS catapult for Izumo-class
  9. DSEI Japan 2023: Weapon Systems for Japan Self Defense Forces Day two at DSEI Japan 2023, the defense exhibition held near Tokyo. In this video, Naval News' Japan correspondent, Yoshihiro Inaba, joins Editor in Chief Xavier Vavasseur to discuss some of the naval weapon systems on display for the Japan Self Defense Forces. ===================== 00:33 - Introduction in English and Japanese 01:01 - Discussion on the increase of Japan defense budget 01:44 - Kawasaki Heavy Industries new "Island Defense missile" 02:35 - Discussion on the presence of several different types of anti-ship missiles in JSDF inventory 05:00 - JSM Joint Strike Missile 06:45 - MQ-9B SeaGuardian of JCG, interest by JMSDF, MQ-9B with JSM and MQ-9B aboard Izumo 10:03 - Discussion on rumors of Tomahawk requirement for JMSDF 11:34 - Successful intercept test of Raytheon SM-3 by JMSDF 14:34 - Bofors 40MK4 gun system in use with the JCG 14:48 - BAE Systems Hyper Velocity Projectiles 15:08 - Leonardo Vulcano extended range ammunition 15:24 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 10 KW laser weapon demonstrator
  10. DSEI Japan 2023: JMSDF Programs with ATLA, MHI USV, JMU OPV Day one at DSEI Japan 2023, the defense exhibition held near Tokyo. In this video, we focused on Japan Maritime Self Defense Force programs with a tour of the ATLA booth, MHI USV and JMU OPV. ===================== 01:06 - Introduction about Japanese MoD's ATLA 01:39 - Upgraded Type 12 SSM (Anti-ship missile) 02:18 - Hypersonic missile research 03:53 - FFM Frigate 04: 15 - UNICORN antenna 04:40 - OQQ-25 variable depth sonar (VDS) 04:50 - OPY-2 X-band radar 05:27 - XLUUV project 06:48 - OZZ-5 UUV 07:35 - EMD Expendable Mine Disposal system 08:19 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Whale USV 10:13 - Japan Marine United (JMU) OPV
  11. [VIDEO] Cmdr. Steven S Whitworth, Commanding Officer, USS Sioux City (LCS 11) discusses the Freedom type Littoral Combat Ship recent deployments to US 4th, 5th and 6th Fleet area of operations. He also discusses how the LCS design makes a good mothership for unmanned systems and a good platform for counter drug operations.
  12. [VIDEO] Interview with VADM Brad Cooper, during #IDEX2023 #TaskForce59 achieved full operational capability 100 unmanned vehicles by the summer Integration of USV from Israel & France Cooperation with the Royal Navy and Marine Nationale Forward basing of LCS
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