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  1. - on va corser un peu le quizz . 8)
  2. Chapeau bas , Moffat . ;) Basé sur le Mosin-Nagant ,chambré en 7.62x53 mm R .
  3. Connais bien son sujet , bon point Kiriyama !! ;)
  4. Voici un état de l'armée georgienne avant les évenements : The Georgian Armed ForcesThe mission and functions of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) are based on the Constitution of Georgia, Georgia’s Law on Defense and National Military Strategy, and international agreements to which Georgia is signatory. They are performed under the guidance and authority of the Ministry of Defense. The current authorized strength of the GAF structures is 28,666 personnel. The current Defence Minister is Davit Kezerashvili, and Chief of Joint Staff is Colonel Zaza Gogava. Land Forces The strength of Land For
  5. - Collection "Bling-Bling" d'armes . - Lien de l'artiste : http://www.petergronquist.com/
  6. D'accord , Tallmike . Pour le CIS 40 agl , il est fait par Singapore Technologies Engeneering . Pays utilsateurs : Singapour , Uruguay .
  7. - L'espagne acquiert la HK MG4E . The Oberndorfer based Heckler & Koch Group has won the international tender of the Spanish Army for the introduction of a new, light machine gun with the MG4 E in calibre 5.56 mm x 45. In accordance with the tender the Spanish Army states a requirement of a minimum of 1800 light machine guns, distributed in a period of four years. Decisive for the decision for introducing the MG4 E, was the fulfilment of the high requirements of the Spanish MoD which included intensive test and appraisal procedures. With the MG4 E Heckler & Koch has set off itself
  8. - Petite série sur le Tupolev TU-95 :
  9. Question pectos , la danoise se défend pas mal !! :lol:
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