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  1. - on va corser un peu le quizz . 8)
  2. Chapeau bas , Moffat . ;) Basé sur le Mosin-Nagant ,chambré en 7.62x53 mm R .
  3. Connais bien son sujet , bon point Kiriyama !! ;)
  4. Voici un état de l'armée georgienne avant les évenements : The Georgian Armed ForcesThe mission and functions of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) are based on the Constitution of Georgia, Georgia’s Law on Defense and National Military Strategy, and international agreements to which Georgia is signatory. They are performed under the guidance and authority of the Ministry of Defense. The current authorized strength of the GAF structures is 28,666 personnel. The current Defence Minister is Davit Kezerashvili, and Chief of Joint Staff is Colonel Zaza Gogava. Land Forces The strength of Land Forces is 21,739 from which 2,215 are officers, 19,508 NCOs (contracting) and 16 civilians Land Forces constitute the bulk of the GAF. Land Forces of Georgia consists of the following units: 1st Infantry Brigade, located in Gori 2nd Infantry Brigade, located in Senaki 3rd Infantry Brigade, located in Kutaisi 4th Infantry Brigade, located in Vaziani 5th Infantry Brigade, located in Khelvachauri (temporary distribution place) and Khoni Artillery Brigade, located in Gori and Khoni Military Engineering Brigade, located in Gori Separate Light Infantry Battalion, located in Adlia Separate Tank Battalion, located in Gori Separate Air Defense Battalion, located in Kutaisi Communication Battalion, located in Saguramo Technical Reconnaissance Battalion, located in Kobuleti Military Police Battalion, located in Tbilisi Medical Battalion, located in Saguramo Main battle tanks T-72B1 - 59 units T-72M - 75 units T-72AB - 71 units T-55AM - 40 units AIFVs/APCs BMP-1 - 80 units BMP-2 - 120 units BTR-80 - 75 units MT-LB - 64 units BRDM-2 - 17 units Otokar Cobra - 100 units Towed artillery 2A36 Giatsint-B - 12 units 2A65 Msta-B - 18 units 2A18 (D-30) - 120 units Self-propelled artillery 2S7 Pion - 12 units 2S19 Msta-S - 3 units 2S3 Akatsiya - 26 units VZ 77 Dana - 47 units Multiple Launch Rocket Systems M-87 Orkan - 4 units RM-70 - 48 units BM-21 Grad - 120 units LAR-160- 15 units M-63 Plamen – 12 units Mortars 2B11 120 mm - 240 units M-38/43 120 mm - 365 units M75 120 mm – 250 units Georgian Air Force The Georgian Air Force consists of the air force and the air defense. The main missions of the air forces are: to control and defend air space of Georgia; conduct air intelligence and surveillance; provide support to the Armed Forces other Services; conduct air evacuation and search and rescue operations; air movement of personnel and military cargo transportation. The strength of Air Forces is 1,813 military and civilian personnel. Aircraft 22 Su-25KM 13 Su-25UB 12 MiG-25 4 Su-24 18 MiG-21 11 L-39 2 L-29 Helicopters 1 Mi-35 19 Mi-24P 21 Mi-24V 18 Mi-14 16 Mi-8 6 Bell 212 40 UH-1H 2 Mi-2 Air Defence 15 SA-11 38 SA-3 18 SA-8 35 ZSU-23-4 15 S-60 40 MT-LB with towed ZU-23-2 Georgian Navy Georgia Navy is responsible for maintenance of the sovereignty of the country and for protection of internal territorial waters and economic zones. Georgian Navy is responsible to participate in collective protection of region of the Black Sea under multilateral agreements and commitments. The primary functions of Navy: - Watch over the interests of Georgia in the Black Sea region, maintenance of the sovereignty of the country, security of the navigation and operations controlling in the Georgia’s Responsibility Zone (GEOREP). The primary goals of Navy Demonstration of the national Flag in sea waters. - Provide of daily activities for combat readiness and preparation of the Naval Forces. - Protection of territorial integrity from an attack and other threats together with other Authority Bodies. - Achieve progress in the harmonization process with NATO and International requirements and standards in coordination with other government bodies. - Protection of national and international economical activities in the Georgia’s Responsibility Zone. - Interactions, cooperation and coordination with other ministries in environmental measures as well as in elimination of poaching, drug transit, trafficking and other illegal actions. - Planning and carrying out trainings, exercises and other preparation measures together with other types of the armed Forces. - Implementation of rescuing and searching operations, in the case of natural disasters aiding domestic population independently or in close cooperation with other authority bodies or neighbor countries relative structures. - Providing fire support during joint operations. - Ensure shipping transactions. - Lead counter-terrorism measures independently or with partner countries. - Providing special operations against objects located in enemy’s zone. - Fulfillment of international commitments. The strength of Navy is 892 from which 178 are Officers, 405 NCOs, 119 Conscripts and 42 Civilians. Navy Headquarter and Main Naval Base are located in Poti. Mail Logistic Support base is located in Poti. Naval base is located in Batumi. Naval Squadron is located in Poti. La Combattante II armed with 2 OTO-Melara 76 mm/L62 guns, modified anti-aircraft guns, and Exocet missiles - 7 in use, bought from the French Navy. P 269 Lindos armed with 2 C802 anti-ship missile batteries and AK-630M defensive guns - 11 in use, another 2 ordered from Ukraine. Georgian National Guard Georgian National Guard was established on December 20, 1990 and was manned by volunteers. It represents the first Georgian armed formation, which became the base of the foundation for modern Georgian Armed Forces. The Guard actively participated in the conflicts existed on the Georgian territory (Samachablo, Abkhazia). The National Guard consists of 20 554 personnel; the main missions of National Guard are: Support civil government in crisis situations (natural, technological, ecological); Register mobilization recourses, study and deliver; Convene, select and man of citizens on the basis of the agreement, for the units, subunits and bases of the Armed Forces; Provide ceremony activities.
  5. - Collection "Bling-Bling" d'armes . - Lien de l'artiste : http://www.petergronquist.com/
  6. D'accord , Tallmike . Pour le CIS 40 agl , il est fait par Singapore Technologies Engeneering . Pays utilsateurs : Singapour , Uruguay .
  7. - L'espagne acquiert la HK MG4E . The Oberndorfer based Heckler & Koch Group has won the international tender of the Spanish Army for the introduction of a new, light machine gun with the MG4 E in calibre 5.56 mm x 45. In accordance with the tender the Spanish Army states a requirement of a minimum of 1800 light machine guns, distributed in a period of four years. Decisive for the decision for introducing the MG4 E, was the fulfilment of the high requirements of the Spanish MoD which included intensive test and appraisal procedures. With the MG4 E Heckler & Koch has set off itself more than clearly from its competitors. This success for Heckler & Koch is anther proof for its consistent product philosophy – to supply only the best products to accommodate highest requirements in terms of performance, quality and safety standards. http://www.heckler-koch.de/HKWebNews/byItemID///22/3/3/15
  8. - Petite série sur le Tupolev TU-95 :
  9. Question pectos , la danoise se défend pas mal !! :lol:
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