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Armées européennes nordiques


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Les armées suédoises et NOrvégienne auraient signées avec BAE land systems Bofors  (avant Noel)un accord pour la fabrication de 24 Archer pour chacune des armées

La suède doit recevoir les premier en 2010 ,pour la Norvége jusqu'a présent elle avait seulement acheté un Archer qu'elle devait recevoir en 2011

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Suite à un appel d'offres pour remplacer les SA-11, la finlande a séléctionné le NASAMS ( qui était opposé au SAMP-T)

Image IPB

Lanceur sextuple sur camion SISU 8X8

Image IPB

The Improved Sentinel AN/MPQ-64 radar is associated with the Surface-Launched AMRAAM missile system providing early warning and target acquisition. Photo: Raytheon.

Finland Selects Nowregian/U.S. NASAMS for SA-11 Replacement

Finland is investing about $460 million (3 billion NOK/€345) replacing its Russian medium-range air defense systems, introducing western air defense missiles to replace relatively modern Russian made systems, in an effort to streamline its arsenal with NATO standards. Finlands' Ministry of Defence selected a team of Norwegian Kongsberg Defense (Ticker: KOG) and U.S. Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) to fulfill Finland’s future Medium Range Air Defense Missile System (MRADMS) requirements. The new system is expected to become operational by 2015.

The jointly-developed NASAMS II system won proposed by the Norwegian-U.S. team won over a competing proposal offering a longer range Aster 30 missile (also known as SAMP/T), submitted by the French-Italian Eurosam group. The range of the surface-launched missiles used by NASAMS is 'over 15 km'. The Aster-30 could kill targets at twice that range. Since the two systems are not comparable in performance, it could be assumed that the selection NASAMS was selected as it enabled Helsinki to acquire more systems for their budget, compensating the limited range with better networking allowing more efficient area coverage. To achieve effective medium range capabilities, Raytheon considered developing an extended range version capable of intercepting targets at a distance of 40 km.

The new system is intended to replace SA-11 (BUK) systems purchased from Russia over a decade ago. Like Aster-30, the SA-11can also intercept targets at ranges twice as far as the new NASAMS. Finland argues the relatively early withdrawal of the Russian made system is necessary due to the lack of compatibility with NATO systems. Although Finland is maintaining its neutrality, the country has steadily drifted toward the west, establishing closer ties with Europe and NATO. Selected for operation by Norway, Netherlands and Spain, NASAMS has been fully integrated with NATO air defenses since 2006, through the implementation of Link-16s with each of the system's command posts.

The Finnish system will be based on the NASAMS system, developed for the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the 1990s and fielded in 2007. The system has since been contracted by the Netherlands and Spain. The NASAMS is also deployed for homeland defense by the U.S. Air National Guard. Developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense and U.S. based Raytheon, NASAMS comprises the Raytheon MPQ-64F2 multifunctional radar, command, control and communication systems designed and built by Kongsberg and the Surface-Launched AMRAAM (AIM-120). The program will also fund €176 for the modernization of Finnish long range radars to be provided by the Thales-Raytheon Systems Company.

"In a Nordic context, this choice of system opens up exciting opportunities for cooperation, operation, maintenance and even further joint Finish-Norwegian evolution of the system", comments Kongsberg’s Harald Ånnestad. The contractors of NASAMS II program are obligated to 100% offset procurement in Finland. As part of this obligation, 82 lorries produced by the Finnish vehicle manufacturer Sisu Defense are to be procured for €25 million. Sales Director Joonas Uotila of Sisu Defence trusts the co-operation with Kongsberg enhances possibilities to offer also further SISU military truck products for broader international market.Patria will also be provided an undefined work share.

As part of its share of the program Sisu Defence Oy, will provide the Armed Forces of Finland with 82 heavy-duty SISU 8x8, SISU 6x6 and SISU 4x4 off-road military trucks as part of the Defence Forces’ Air Defence System and Air Surveillance System renewal project. Deliveries are scheduled for 2010-2014. The trucks will be manufactured at Sisu Auto’s Raasepori Plant in Finland. 30 of the vehicles to be supplied are of 3-axle SISU E13TP 6x6 model series. These trucks built for transporting the NASAMS Air Defence launchers will be equipped with hooklift systems by Multilift, and with flat beds for the cargo. For the Air Surveillance System project Sisu Defence supplies 12 heavy-duty 4-axle trucks of SISU E13TP 8x8 model series. These trucks will serve as platforms for the mid-range Air Surveillance Radars. Further 40 vehicles are of SISU A2045 4x4 model series introduced in autumn 2008, and meant for serving as support vehicles for the Air Defence and Air Surveillance systems. The current order adds to an earlier order for 234 SISU 4x4 military trucks, awarded by the Defence Forces

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Que pensez-vous du NASAMS II ? Il a moyen de rivaliser avec le S-300 ?

Autres choses : Le saviez-vous ? Les Ula sont interdit d'exercice avec l'OTAN ! Pourquoi ?

The Ula class submarines are among the most silent and maneuverable submarines in the world. This, in combination with the relatively small size, makes them difficult to detect from surface vessels and ideal for operations in coastal areas. During the annual NATO Joint Winter exercise in 2004, the HNoMS Utvær had to be disqualified from the exercise because it kept the entire landing operation at bay

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Occord pour le lancement de la fabrication du ARCHER

[The government decided on Wednesday that the Armed Forces may order twenty-four Archer artillery pieces, in a joint acquisition project carried out in cooperation with Norway.

“It is gratifying that the Government has taken this decision; it was awaited, "says Torbjörn Larsson, commander of Artilleriregementet (Artillery Regiment, A 9), the Swedish Army’s center of competence for artillery.

Shortly before mid-summer this year, the Norwegian Stortinget decided to authorize the purchase of twenty-four Archers for the Norwegian armed forces. This was one of the prerequisites for Sweden to also buy these artillery pieces, manufactured by BAE Systems in Bofors.

“This decision came just in time, so now we can continue to work with Norway to prepare for the service introduction," says Torbjörn Larsson.

Costs are shared

Thanks to the cooperation with Norway, development and maintenance costs are shared between the two countries. Furthermore, by acquiring the same system Norway and Sweden can also benefit from cooperation on training, exercises, maintenance and future modifications and upgrades.

Development of Archer has been a long process, which started in 2002. Sweden’s old artillery system, Howitzer 77B, was about to reach its retirement age, and there was a need for a new one. The choice fell on the development of a fully mobile, self-propelled system based on a standard Volvo construction articulated dumper truck, and to be able to use some parts from Howitzer 77B.

Will be ready this year

Two experimental demonstrator vehicles were completed in 2005; they have been carefully tested and rebuilt along the way. Two prototypes will be ready this year, and the first production vehicles will start to be delivered in 2011.

“It is good that it is ready. We will have one of the world's best artillery. It fits well into the new flexible response system and can be used to great advantage in international operations," says Björn Isaksson, A 9's project manager for the Archer system.

Characteristics: Archer:

Armored articulated dumper vehicle

Protection against small arms fire, mines, NBC, and fire protection

Maximum speed is 70 km/h on the road.

The crew consists of three to four people: commander, driver and one or two operators. Caliber is 155mm (or 15.5 cm.)

Built on a Volvo articulated dumper truck

Range up to 50 km, and rate of fire is ten to twelve shots per minute


Image IPB

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En réponse au post-98.

Le saut en trou d'eau est un impératif de survie en combat en milieu artique. L'entraînement a pour but de conditionner le soldat aux bonnes réactions à avoir en cas de chute dans l'eau lors d'un franchissement de lac gelé.

L'entraînement vise à limiter la panique de la victime pour la sortir au plus vite et à former le reste du groupe à l'aider à se changer avec des effets secs au plus vite. Ici, le point clef est la vitesse de changement de vêtements pour ne pas mourire.

L'ITO-05 est un missile sol-air à guidage laser puisqu'il repose sur le RBS-70.

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Sagem : des centrales Sigma 30 pour les systèmes Archer de Norvège et de Suède

Sagem a signé avec BAE Systems un contrat portant sur l'achat des centrales de navigation et de pointage Sigma 30 destinées aux 45 nouveaux systèmes d'artillerie FH77 L52 Archer des forces terrestres norvégiennes et suédoises. Leur entrée en service est prévue fin 2011 au sein du Bataillon Nordique.

4 février 11 - Communiqué Sagem (groupe Safran)

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Est-ce que quelqu'un s'y connait particulièrement bien dans l'armée Norvégienne ? Je suis très intéressé pour en apprendre plus à son sujet, la vidéo juste au-dessus de mon message m'ayant donné une soudaine et irrésistible envie d'en savoir plus. Je me suis renseigné un peu partout sur le web, mais j'aimerais des avis sur cette armée que je trouve fortement bien équipée et structurée. Merci d'avance.

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Denmark Seeks Bids for Armored Personnel Carriers

Aug. 10, 2012 - 09:56AM


LONDON — Eight European armored vehicle builders have been invited by the Danish Ministry of Defence to submit tenders for a family of armored personnel carriers to replace its fleet of aging M113s.

In a tracks versus wheels competition, the Danes have named four potential suppliers from either side of the mobility argument.

Only General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has a contender in both wheels and tracks sectors.

FFG Flensburger, BAE Systems Hagglunds, Rheinmentall Landsysteme and the Santa Barbara arm of GDELS are representing the tracks sector.

Wheeled vehicle suppliers ARTEC, the Mowag arm of GDELS, Nexter and Patria have also been asked to submit bids.

The companies emerged from a pre-qualification effort mounted by the Danes earlier this year.

Denmark has a requirement for between 206 and 450 vehicles, although around 360 machines is expected to be the most likely procurement number, depending on how many of the M113s the military opts to replace.

The winning vehicle could be under contract before the end of 2014, industry executives said.

The Danish military is looking for six different configurations of the winning design: infantry, command and control, ambulance, mortar, engineering, and mechanical.

The Danes are already operators of BAE’s CV-90, and the Swedish arm of the company is likely to focus on its new Armadillo version of the tracked machine in its upcoming bid.

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Toutes les propositions peuvent être faites.

Image IPB

Comme par exemple, prendre des MRAV Boxer Actek d'occasion que les néerlandais ou allemands voudront (re)vendre pour réduire leurs parcs.

Comme par exemple, continuer avec Mowag puisqu'ils sont clients avec les 4x4 Eagle III et IV donc un Piranha V 8x8.

Comme par exemple, augmenter leur parc CV9035 Hägglunds et prendre aussi quelques BV10S Viking Hägglunds

PATRIA Finlande AMV 8X8 pouvant aussi faire un bon deal après la Pologne.

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La Suède se découvre sans défense.

Le chef d'état-major assure que son armée ne tiendrait qu'une semaine en cas d'invasion. Inquiètes du réarmement russe, des voix réclament l'adhésion du royaume à l'Otan.

L'ennemi du général Sverker Göranson, chef d'état-major de l'armée suédoise, réside dans les chiffres: il dénonce régulièrement les coupes effectuées dans le budget de la défense suédoise. Aussi, alors que des discussions démarrent sur le budget de 2014, il a voulu faire passer un message fort. Il a déclaré la semaine dernière dans un quotidien suédois qu'en cas «d'attaque limitée», la Suède «ne pourrait se défendre qu'une seule semaine» avant de tomber. Pire, il garantit qu'en cas d'attaque menée simultanément sur deux fronts, le pays ne pourrait résister. Pas même quelques jours.

La déclaration a réveillé chez les Suédois des craintes qui avaient disparu avec la fin de la guerre froide.

(...) «On ne peut pas dire que le monde est sûr. Il y a un niveau grandissant d'incertitude, il suffit de regarder ce qu'il se passe en Russie», glisse Allan Widman, qui fait référence au réarmement, en cours, du géant russe. D'où l'émergence d'un débat, longtemps passé sous silence dans le pays: la Suède devrait-elle adhérer à l'Otan? De plus en plus de politiciens suédois y voient une solution pour défendre leur pays en cas d'attaque. L'armée suédoise a déjà mené, ces dernières années, des manœuvres communes avec l'organisation transatlantique. Reste à convaincre les Suédois d'enterrer toute une tradition de neutralité militaire.

Suite de l'article : http://www.lefigaro.fr/international/2013/01/15/01003-20130115ARTFIG00620-la-suede-se-decouvre-sans-defense.php

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