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  1. Ça avance, lentement mais surement...
  2. Livraison du premier GlobalEye -869128.html
  3. Premier vol pour un F-15QA.
  4. Très bonne initiative du Groupe Dassault qui met un 8X et 900 à disposition de l'opération Résilience, carburant compris!
  5. Le très joli Polikarpov I-185.
  6. AIDC T-CH-1 Chung Hsing ou un T-28 "turbinisé" à Taïwan.
  7. U-2 et B-2 à la manœuvre en ce moment à Fairford.
  8. Les Péruviens qui possèdent déjà 4 C-27 vont commander 8 exemplaires supplémentaires. -868822.html
  9. MH


    Premier taxi runs pour un Rafale EH monoplace indien, bientôt le premier vol. Scramble: "India's first Rafale single seat performing taxi-runs On 17 March 2020, the Bharatiya Vayu Sena (Indian Air Force) first Rafale EH single seat fighter aircraft, serial BS003, made taxi-runs at Dassault's factory airfield Bordeaux/Mérignac (France). The first flight of the aircraft will most probably occur soon. According to the Scramble Magazine database, three Rafale EHs and all eight Rafale DHs have been noted so far. In May 2020 it is expected that a first batch of four Rafales will be delivered to 17 Squadron 'Golden Arrows' at Ambala Air Force Station (state of Haryana). However, aircraft deliveries may be halted because of the current COVID-19 (Corona virus) crisis. Nice to know is that the first flight of an Indian Air Force Rafale DH dual seat aircraft was made exactly eight months ago on 17 July 2019. On this date, Rafale DH serial RB001, took to the skies at Bordeaux/Mérignac *)."
  10. Par rapport à la concurrence j'aimerai bien savoir la raison de son échec, prix, configuration osée?
  11. Petite carrière pour celui là...
  12. Petite galerie des avions rencontré par un Tu-142: Typhoon, MiG-31, IL-78, F-16, F-35.
  13. Des VAB Astride T3 issues du programme Scorpion deployés au Niger
  14. L'USAF va acheter 2 A-29 pour expérimentation, le tout en dehors du programme de l'USSOCOM. Encore des doses homéopathiques, j’espère que l'USSOCOM prendra plus d'initiatives de son coté...
  15. Après les Polonais, les Allemands du KSK commandent quelques exemplaires du P20, les Allemands qui achètent français on aura tout vu!
  16. MH

    Le(s) PA de la Royale

    Le CDG en escale à Brest dans la nuit du 13 au 14 Mars, une première en 10ans, spotters à l’assaut!
  17. Premiers essais moteurs pour les SEM Argentins.
  18. Catalogue de l'aviation Russe!
  19. Même chose, ça fait une sacrée amélioration par rapport aux KC-707. Scramble "US State Department approves possible Foreign Military Sale of Pegasus tanker aircraft to Israel In addition to the Letter of Request (LoR) the Israeli government issued to the US government on 16 May 2019 *), the US State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) of eight KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft and delivered the required certification to the US Congress on 3 March 2020. The aircraft and related equipment have an estimated cost of USD 2.4 billion. Israel requested to buy eight KC-46As, up to seventeen PW4062 turbofan engines (16 installed, 1 spare) and up to eighteen MAGR 2K-GPS SAASM receivers (16 installed, 2 spares). Also included are AN/ARC-210 U/VHF radios, APX-119 Identification Friend or Foe transponders, and other spare parts. If the sale is allowed to move forward, Israel will start contract negotiations with aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Next to Japan, Israel is the second country to be approved for the Pegasus."
  20. On y a droit plusieurs fois par an celui là!
  21. Le nouveau HH-60W vient d’être baptisé : "Jolly Green II" Cela fera plaisir aux nostalgiques du vietnam! Scramble: "That Others May Live' continues with Jolly Green II The US Air Force named its newest combat rescue helicopter, the Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. HH-60W, the “Jolly Green II,” following the legendary tradition of the Vietnam-era HH-3E Jolly Green and HH-53 Super Jolly Green crews who pioneered the combat search and rescue mission. Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett revealed the name at the 2020 Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando on 27 February 2020. The primary mission of the 108 planned HH-60Ws of the USAF will be conducting day and night combat search and rescue operations into hostile environments to recover isolated personnel during war. The HH-60W, that replaces the HH-60G Pave Hawk, will also be tasked to perform military operations other than war, including civil search and rescue, medical evacuation, disaster response, humanitarian assistance, security cooperation/aviation advisory, NASA space flight support, and rescue command and control. The first two units to be fielded with the Jolly Green II will be the 41st Rescue Squadron at Moody AFB (GA) and the 512th Rescue Squadron at Kirtland AFB (NM). The photo shows HH-60W 14-4483 (as 14483), the third known serial. 14-4481 flew for the first time 17 May 2019."
  22. Probablement un civil qui veut se faire plaisir.