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Semser 122-mm truck-mounted howitzer was developed by Israel's Soltam and Entered service in 2008.

The Semser (Sword) self-propelled howitzer was developed by Israel's Soltam under contract to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense. The Semser 122-mm SPH will be manufactured by local Kazakh companies. Before the end of 2008 Kazakh Army will have operational battalion of Semser howitzers. Kazakhstan intends to export this truck-mounted howitzer for possible customers in the region, including Azerbaijan and Kyrgyz Republic.

  This artillery system is armed with a modified variant of the D-30 122-mm towed howitzer. This towed howitzer was produced in large numbers and Kazakhstan has plenty of 122-mm ammunition, inherited from the Soviet Union. It was one of the reasons, why 122-mm caliber was preferred to Russian 152-mm or NATO 155-mm. Maximum range of fire is only 15.3 km. This truck-mounted howitzer is also capable of direct firing.

  The Semser has an integrated automated command and control system, provided by Soltam and Elbit.

  This artillery system is based on KamAZ-6350 8x8 heavy utility truck chassis. Vehicle is powered by the KamAZ-740.50.360 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 360 hp.

caesar en afgha .

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Une reprise, par les allemands, sur la base d'un Renault B1-Bis dépourvu de son obusier et dont la tourelle est remplacée par cette grosse casemate et son canon de 105.

Chassis B1 bis 10.5cm FH18, parfois appelé B2, ou aussi 105 mm leFH18/3 (Sf) auf GWB2 (Geschützwagen B-2)

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